Alain Nkurikiye

“I am coming from Burundi, a small country in East Africa where justice systems are often inaccessible, especially to the poor; rights and entitlements are unknown to many. Civic, socio-economic, and political rights are therefore frequently flouted, and conflict is rife. I joined HIIL because I want to solve the justice needs of those poor and underserved population through justice innovations and entrepreneurship.”

Alain joined HiiL in June 2016 as Business Accelerator Manager. He is part of the Justice Accelerator Team, which supports Entrepreneurs working on innovations that improve access to justice worldwide.

Before joining HiiL, Alain worked as an Investment Manager at Cordaid where he was responsible for promoting entrepreneurship and access to financial services in developing countries. Once upon a time, he was a consultant at Berenschot, a Dutch management consulting firm and a business
development associate at Vlisco Group in the Netherlands. He also worked for several organizations in Africa.

Alain holds an MBA from Maastricht School of Management in the Netherlands. He is a certified Microfinance professional from the Boulder Microfinance Institute in Italy. He is also specialized in crowdfunding and private equity.

Alain is passionate about migrant entrepreneurship and innovation. He believes that migrants can contribute to the development of their country of origin. He dreams of setting up the first diaspora investment bank promoting migrant investment in SME in the homeland.


Alain Nkurikiye
Business Accelerator Manager
+31 (0) 70 762 0700