Paulina Kozlowska

“I believe a user-centered approach can be applicable to everything designed for people: no matter if it’s a kettle, a web application or a legal procedure. The whole HiiL-osophy is based on such a bottom-up approach. At HiiL, first of all, at HiiL we care about people.”

In August 2015, Paulina joined HiiL as a communications intern, specializing in a graphic design. In February 2016, she became a core team member. Her main focuses are communications coordination, designing communication materials, photo-editing and video-editing.

Paulina studied Cultural Anthropology at the University of Warsaw, where she developed an interest in gender studies and visual anthropology. At the same time, she was working as a freelance graphic designer mainly for cultural institutions and socially engaged companies. During the second year of her master studies in the same field, Paulina was granted a scholarship for the double Polish-French master programme at the Paris-Sorbonne University. The experience in qualitative research as well as sensitivity for different cultures that she gained during her studies, became valuable factors in her work at HiiL.

After coming to The Hague in November 2013, Paulina joined the Association of Polish Students in the Netherlands that has been established under the patronage of the Polish Embassy in The Hague. She wanted to help building a platform for cooperation, exchange of experience and exchange of knowledge between students. First, she was responsible for visual communication materials and brand building, a few months later she became the coordinator of the promotion team in the association. This way she was gaining experience in communication strategy, social media promotion and organizing events. In 2016, Paulina graduated from the Media Technology master programme at Leiden University. The programme taught her how to apply user-centered design and gave an opportunity to experiment with applicability of different media in creative research.

Paulina appreciates Dutch design and avant-garde art. She loves hiking in mountains, cooking and visiting her native city Warsaw.


Paulina Kozlowska
Communications Coordinator,
Graphic Designer
+31 (0) 70 762 0700