Jamila Sallali

“In matters of truth and justice, there is no difference between small and large problems, for issues concerning the treatment of people are all the same. I am confident that exclusion is never the way forward on our shared paths to freedom and justice, so we must give voice to those who have been silenced.”

Jamila grew up at the windy coastal side of the Netherlands. She was accustomed by the many national law books and legal codes at home. However, she has always been fascinated by international affairs, law and justice. For that reason, Jamila studied International and European Law and is specialized in Public International Law and Human Rights. Her main interests are human rights (enforcement), humanitarian law, gender equality and international dispute settlement. What triggered her during her studies are the injustices that vulnerable groups, in often conflict-torn societies, suffer from, due to lack of law enforcement and access thereto. For Jamila, this is unacceptable, especially in this day and age where technology and globalization develops in a rapid pace. She strongly believes that HiiL is making positive steps towards change and is grateful to be part of this movement.

In November 2014, Jamila joined the Measuring Justice team as a Justice Sector intern. In July 2015 Jamila re-joined HiiL as a Research Assistant to assist the team with the acquisition of new projects, pending projects, research in formal and informal justice systems, rule of law and justice needs. In her work Jamila is very passionate and determined. She wants to keep broadening her horizon, thus intends to apply for law scholarships after her LL.M. in Globalisation and Law.

Besides her professional interests, Jamila loves to spend time with her family and dear friends. She is happily engaged. In her spare time she enjoys art, dance and photography. Next to her artistic and ambient side, she also likes to lift (heavy) weights, kickboxing and discovering and exploring new places and cultures across the world.

“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.”


Jamila Sallali
Research Assistant
+31 (0) 70 762 0700