Johanna Piest

“I have always looked at life (consciously or unconsciously) through the eyes of justice, measuring experiences by whether the outcome was just or not. Working at HiiL gives me the opportunity to contribute to HiiL’s mission and my own value of making justice work, enriching myself not only professionally but also personally.”

Johanna is a member of HiiL’s Measuring Justice team and conducts research into access to justice, legal empowerment and people’s needs for justice. She looks at dispute resolution processes, formal and informal justice (both in fragile and post-conflict countries as well as in developed countries). Johanna is also responsible for the development of new contacts and acquisition of new projects. Johanna holds a Research Master’s degree in Social and Organisational Psychology and a Master’s degree in International Relations from the University of Groningen, a professional education complemented with courses in Project Management and Gender awareness in peacekeeping operations.

Before joining HiiL she has worked as a lecturer at the University and as a researcher at a marketing research company. She also gained significant experience in contributing to various international research projects conducted for several international organisations. Johanna identifies herself as a global citizen, having spent considerable time in countries such as Italy, Cameroon and South Africa.

Johanna has a great passion for sports, she especially enjoys swimming and running, aiming to complete her first marathon in 2015. She loves travelling and discovering new places all around the world.


Johanna Piest
Justice Sector Advisor
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