Klaus Rackwitz 

International Nurenberg Principles Academy

Mr Rackwitz was born in Germany in 1960. He studied law at the University of Cologne, and upon graduation was appointed as a judge. For many years, he headed the division for information technology and reorganisation in the Ministry of Justice of North Rhine-Westphalia, with responsibility for large-scale reorganisation projects in the judiciary of his state.

Mr Rackwitz’s experience in the above fields led to his engagement in the Advance Team of the ICC. Since January 2003, he was a staff member of the Office of the Prosecutor and contributed to building up the office from scratch and developing it into a worldwide operating Prosecution Office, currently with more than 300 staff members. As the Senior Administrative Manager of the Prosecution Office of the ICC, he was responsible for the budget, the reporting and all financial transactions of the Prosecution Office, general administration, Human Resources administration, IT, language services and the management of all information and evidence received by the Prosecutor. He worked in the field of IT law and has lectured for several years on civil law, commercial law and IT law at the Universities of Cologne and Düsseldorf and the Technical Academy of Wuppertal. Mr Klaus Rackwitz was selected and appointed as the new Administrative Director of Eurojust on 14 July 2011.