Henry G. Schermers Fellowship Programme

The Programme is named after the great legal scholar H.G. Schermers (1928 - 2006), Professor of Law of International Organisations at Leiden University from 1978 to 2002. He tirelessly worked to make norms of international law a reality in national legal systems. The programme aims at providing research fellowships to prominent scholars conducting research within the parameters of the HiiL Research Programme.

Under the Fellowship Programme internationally renowned experts in a field that is relevant for HiiL can spend a period of time in the inspiring and secluded environment of NIAS to work on a publication. The Programme brings foreign researchers in contact with Dutch researchers and society at large in order to maximally benefit from each other’s knowledge and experience.

Fellows are selected from prominent Dutch and foreign researchers and senior scholars in law and/or the social sciences who have already made a contribution to scholarship and who are able to continue their research and to advance knowledge in their particular fields during their stay. Scholarly achievements, reputation and quality of publications are aspects considered in the evaluation process.

"The Schermers Fellowship Programme offers legal scholars the best of both worlds - the possibility to follow and keep abreast of the exciting legal developments all over the world, while being ensconced in a quiet interdisciplinary setting that allows for reflection and meditation on one’s own research project." - Dr. Chaihark Hahm, a former Henry G. Schermers Fellow.

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