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How can warranty period and level of consumer protection be determined (Russia)

Manufacturers, retailers and sellers are responsible for the quality and fitness of the goods they provide for consumers. Therefore it is necessary to set out warranty periods and reasonable level of consumer protection in case of defective goods.



What challenges does it focus on?

Establishing a reasonable level of consumer protection and warranty periods in the Russian Federation.

Short summary

Every product has its shelf life or expiration date. It means that there is a reasonable period of time during which goods should serve properly and the owner may enjoy all its functions. However, sometimes goods do not have necessary qualities immediately after purchase or after a short period of usage.

Pursuant to article 18 of the Law of the Russian Federation on the Protection of the Consumers' Rights No. 2300-1, if defects are discovered in a commodity which have not been mentioned by the seller, then the consumer may choose:

  • to demand its replacement with a commodity of the same brand (model anr/or article);
  • to demand its replacement with a commodity of another brand (mode, article) with the relevant recalculation of the purchase price;
  • to demand a proportional decrease of the price;
  • to demand immediate gratuitous remedying of the defects of the commodity or reimbursement of the expenses on their remedying by the consumer or by a third person; or
  • to refuse to fulfil the sale-purchase agreement and demand the return of the amount paid for the commodity; at the seller's request and at his expense, the consumer must return the defective commodity.

The rights of the consumer, required from the seller or the manufacturer by the Law, include:

  • in the case of discovery by the consumer of defects of goods, such goods shall be replaced within seven days;
  • if more than seven days are required for the replacement of the goods; the seller (or the manufacturer) shall be obliged within three days to provide the consumer, free of charge, with a durable good having the same consumer properties for temporary use;
  • any demands by the consumer for returning the amount paid for a commodity and for the full compensation for the losses, must be satisfied by the seller within ten days from the day of making the relevant demand; and
  • after goods are phased out, their repair and technical service shall be ensured during the service life of these goods; if such service life is not indicated, the repari and technical service of goods shall be ensured during ten years since the day of the transfer of goods to the consumer.

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