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Online Justice supports people throughout their justice journeys and enables dispute resolution professionals to effectively intervene. 

Our Online Justice technology empowers people to resolve tough disputes online. Whether they are going through a divorce and separation, or are having a dispute with their landlord or employer, people can work from model solutions, online tools and with online mediators and adjudicators who help them get to fair and sustainable resolution. 

Practice shows how Online Justice helps people stay in control over their processes, outcomes and costs. It enables people to work in their own words, in their own pace, from their own homes. Legal professionals show how Online Justice supports their effective interventions and reduces administrative burden.  

HiiL Online Justice helps courts, legal aid agencies and private sector access to justice organisations to innovate their procedures and services and increase their impact.

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Prof. Dr. Maurits Barendrecht

Research Director HiiL

'Providing justice is high tech, very personal and very similar across the world.'

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