Innovating Procedures

Building the next generation of procedures

At HiiL, we build the next generation of procedures that help solve justice-related problems experienced by the citizens. We use justice technology to support users and professionals in achieving more effective solutions in divorce proceedings or in disputes between landlords and tenants. In this way, legal professionals can focus on the tasks at which they excel – reaching out to many more people at much lower costs.

Our method

Together with our clients, we form a team joined by experts, researchers, (legal) professionals and panels of end users. The team sets ambitious goals and takes ownership for achieving these goals. We work from terms of reference for a procedure towards an early prototype. The prototype is tested and evaluated by the client and users, after which it is improved into a new procedure that is ready to be implemented in practice. Our procedures often combine elements of justice technology, mediation and best practices from courts across the world.

Through this method we develop complete justice journeys and don’t stop at devising new solutions; we help in realizing, nurturing and improving them.

Our successes

In the Dutch personal injury field, we co-developed an improved procedure for handling personal injury claims that put the victims in the centre and made the claim process less burdensome. For insurance companies and legal professionals the claim handling became more cooperative and cost-efficient. An independent review showed a drastic reduction of treatment time and a culture change in the personal injury field. New work methods and business have been based. One of the spin-offs has been a new fast track court procedure, where judges can give interim decisions on specific points if settlement negotiations get stuck. Next to this it paved the way for follow-up initiatives in the personal injury sector.

The online dispute resolution platform Rechtwijzer/uit elkaar, started as an innovation project in 2014 between HiiL, The Raad voor de Rechtsbijstand and Modria. Research showed that the solution was appreciated by the couples who used the service to support their divorce process very qualitatively.

That means that it is time for the market to take over. The gained insights and knowledge will be used by the new start-up J42 where a former HiiL/Rechtwijzer team member is one of the founders. HiiL will remain involved as member of the quality board. Launch of the platform will be autumn 2017.

HiiL has been a clear catalyst in innovation in the (online) dispute resolution domain and will use the gained experience and insights in consultancy related to for example (online) dispute resolution.

The ACT cooperation program supports major brands and retailers in their interactions with trade unions representing workers in the clothing industry. The goal is to develop a system of collective bargaining that will lead to a living wage. HiiL developed a governance system and negotiation/decision making process for ACT, and facilitated the ACT members in their interaction towards setting up a permanent organisation.

Our Team

Prof. Dr. Maurits Barendrecht

Head of Innovating Procedures

'Providing justice is high tech, very personal and very similar across the world.'

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