PBO Information

HiiL is a Public Benefit Organisation, a designation provided by the Dutch tax authorities to institutions that are focused on the general good (in Dutch: ANBI status).

The public information that is required for this purpose is summarised here:

Name of institution             Stichting The Hague Institute for the Internationalisation of Law
Fiscal number 8161 06 551
Chamber of Commerce 27290536
Contact details http://www.hiil.org/about-us/contact
Goals  http://www.hiil.org/about-us/our-approach
Composition of boards  http://www.hiil.org/about-us/boards
Remuneration policy Executive Board: remuneration in accordance with Collective Labour Agreement for Research Institutes

Supervisory Board: unpaid

Programmatic Steering Board: based on € 650,- per day (€ 325,- per 4 hours). This remuneration corresponds to the salary level of a professor under Dutch law.
Annual Report 2015

Below you find a link to the Annual Report 2015. This includes a brief summary of our activities in 2015 and an overview of the statements of income and expenditure, adopted and approved by Executive and Supervisory Board. The full financial statements are audited each year.

Annual Report 2015