Committee of Honorary Patrons

Justice S. Breyer

Supreme Court of the United States

Prof. B. Bueno de Mesquita

Professor of Public Policy and Political Science
Stanford University

Judge G. Canivet (Guy)

Conseil Constitutionnel

Ambassador H. Corell (Hans)

Former Legal Counsel of the United Nations
Former Chairman Board of Trustees of the Raoul Wallenberg Institute
of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law

Photograph by Wendy Bos

Prof. Maarten Willem Charles Feteris

President of the Supreme Court of the Netherlands

Ms. H. Däubler-Gmelin (Herta)

Member of the European Commission High Level Expert Group on Media Freedom, former German Minister of Justice

Justice M. Kirby (Michael)

Former Justice of the High Court of Australia

Mr W. Neukom (William)

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the World Justice Report

Ms A. Palacio (Ana)

Member of Executive Committee
Senior Vice President
International and Marketing at Areva