About HiiL Innovating Justice

HiiL Innovating Justice helps turn the most promising and disruptive ideas into effective innovations by bringing together the best legal experts, cutting-edge technology, and new types of funding. We differ because we put the users of the justice system first.

We constantly scan the latest available knowledge and work to help our clients understand people’s justice needs and develop effective strategies based on what works. We do not consult from the sides but co-create. We help to integrate new technologies for resolving conflict in time-honoured legal procedures, linked to effective institutional structures.

HiiL Innovating Justice works with courts, legal aid boards, NGOs, ministries responsible for justice, and, companies that are looking for fair and innovative solutions that can be sustainably funded and can catalyse systemic change.

Our methods include: 

  • Measuring Justice: We have developed methods to effectively study, in a short time, how citizens experience the justice system. By examining the justice system from the perspective of the citizen who experiences a justice problem, we give our client organisations a new and unprecedented insight into the way justice delivery can be improved.
  • Innovating Justice Accelerator: Based on data about specific justice needs, the Innovating Justice Accelerator runs targeted justice innovation challenges to find and accelerate promising justice start-ups that support systemic change on the basis of sustainable funding models. Through our website and networks we help innovators validate their innovations, improve and scale up with the partners most useful to them, and develop sustainable funding models.
  • Justice Innovation Lab: We build the next generation of new and original procedures that help solve justice-related problems experienced by citizens. Together with our client, we form a team joined by experts, researchers, (legal) professionals and panels of end users who set ambitious goals and takes ownership for achieving these goals.
  • Rechtwijzer Technology: Rechtwijzer technology supports people throughout their justice journeys and enables dispute resolution professionals to effectively intervene.

Interested in learning more? Contact our experts to find out how we can help you.

HiiL Innovating Justice has a joint venture with Tilburg University.