About HiiL

HiiL is an advisory and research institute for the justice sector, based in The Hague, city of peace and justice.

Our HiiL professionals are leading academics, from various cultural backgrounds, with many years of experience in places where justice is most needed.

Mission | HiiL is passionate about making justice work. The core of our work is to improve rulemaking and conflict resolution processes. In today’s challenging environment that is impossible without innovation. We support clients and other stakeholders doing this together, across borders and based on the best available knowledge.

What we do | HiiL is a not for profit foundation. It is funded by income from the services we perform for our clients and by contributions from governments, philanthropic foundations and social entrepreneurs.

We provide our clients with:

  • Justice strategy advice to make processes more accountable, efficient and attuned to justice needs
  • Measuring and evaluation to make progress visible, comparable, showing where more effort is needed
  • A justice innovation lab for developing, testing and improving prototypes of new approaches

HiiL also facilitates the Innovating Justice Hub:

  • A unique, world-class platform comprising a fast growing community of justice innovators, rule of law leaders, justice experts and potential funders. The platform is supported by an interactive website www.innovatingjustice.com, regular knowledge products, and opportunities to meet and connect.

HiiL has a joint venture with Tilburg University (Tisco research group on conflict resolution systems).